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Official Website Opens
Residing at the easy-to-remember web address www.jackdann.com, Jack's Official Website is now open for business. Please check there for recent and up-to-date information. Jack can be contacted via his public email address, jackdann@jackdann.com.

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Discussion Forum Opens
American fantasy specialists Nightshade Books have opened a Discussion Forum devoted to Jack and his writing with a Welcome post from US author Jeff VanderMeer.

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Jack is an Alumni Author for February 2003 at New York State's Binghamton University, and the University has published a mini-interview on their website.

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Teaching Clarion South
The highly-regarded US-based Clarion Workshop is setting up in Queensland, and Jack will be amongst those imparting his wisdom in 2003. (See article.)

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2003 Promises Plenty From Jack
Jack has sold new collection Visitations to Thorndike Books in the US, Gathering the Bones is due next month from HarperCollins and Crimes of the Century and AI (ed. Jack Dann, Gardner Dozois) are now scheduled to join recently published Beyond Flesh (Ace, December 2002) as the 26th and 27th of the MagicTales books. Not to mention the short fiction... (More)

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KSP Centre Plans Master Class
The Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre is planning "Crafting the Fabulous", a two day Master Class taught by veteran writer and editor Jack Dann, for July 2003. (More)

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What's Next?
Second Chance is the working title of Jack's James Dean novel, his next book-length project, intended for HarperCollins. (More)

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This Country Life
After completing a series of writing workshops and surviving almost unscathed his appearance as Toastmaster at the recent National Convention in Melbourne, Jack has moved his base of operations to a South Gippsland farm. (More)

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From the Coalface
Jack's short story "Ting-a-Ling" appeared in Al Sarrantonio's Redshift: Extreme Visions of Speculative Fiction, an anthology inspired by Ellison's Dangerous Visions series. Jack recently sold an as-yet unnamed short story collection, which will include an introduction from Barry N. Malzberg, to Thorndike Press in the US for a 2003 publication. Meanwhile, Gathering the Bones, the international horror anthology Jack co-edited with Dennis Etchison and Ramsey Campbell, will be printed locally by HarperCollins Australia in March 2003.

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Jubilee, a collection of essential Jack Dann short fiction, is available now from HarperCollins Australia.

"Marilyn" (Read)
Originally printed in the 10th Anniversary Eidolon, reprinted in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and collected in The Year's Best Fantasy, 14th Annual Collection and Year's Best Dark Fantasy, 2002 edition (forthcoming) Jack's superb "Marilyn" can now be read online. The story has also been adapted for audio as a two-part play by Jack and Brian Smith featuring actor John Heard and entitled Marilyn or the Monster.

Download an official press photo of Jack suitable for printing in a 1.7 meg .zip file.

Imparting the Craft
Jack will be teaching a KSP Master Class (see article) in July 2003 and joining five other tutors to teach at the inaugural Clarion South Writers' Workshop (see article) in Jan/Feb 2004. (11/01/03)

Schedule, second half of 2002
Jack will be concentrating on his writing for the second half of 2002, although Masterclasses in various parts of the country (Australia) are in the works. "The Diamond Pit" has been nominated for a Hugo Award, but Jack won't be able to make the ConJose WorldCon; he is, however, planning to attend the World Fantasy Convention 2002 in Minneapolis, Minnesota October 31 – November 3, 2002. Closer to home, Jack will be launching AL McCann's historical fantasy The White Body of Evening at the Melbourne Writers' Festival on Friday, 30 August at 4 pm. (26/07/02)

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