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Earth...After Wormwood.

Centuries from now, a world invaded by the all-powerful Nobodoi and their servant races, re-made as a strange and mighty patchwork of land-bridges and alien enclaves, where the remnants of a blasted Humanity are lucky just to survive.

The Human Heroes Aspen Dirk, Jamis Talby, Hollis Green, the mad poet Antellim...those who travel the patchwork, who meet the Hoproi warmasters, the gleaming Matta whose houses Kill, the Darzie mind-riders,the living spaceships, the Amazi, whose greatest longing is to couple with Human women...

All part of what the world has become...after Wormwood.


  • Introduction: Harlan Ellison
  • "Nobody's Fool"
  • "The Man Who Walks Away Behind The Eyes"
  • "A Deadly Edge Their Red Beaks Pass Along"
  • "Housecall"
  • "In The Dark Rush"
  • "The Honour of Them"
  • "For As Long As You Burn"

    Aphelion Publications (AUS): ISBN 1-875346-02-3, soft cover, 253 pages, 1991. Cover by Nick Stathopoulos.
    Aphelion Publications (AUS): ISBN 1-875346-02-3, hard cover, 253 pages, 1991. Limited to 300 copies. Cover by Nick Stathopoulos.

    "A very special magic has returned...There is humour, grandeur, tragedy. It's all superb."
    "...this book is a wild, virtuosic celebration of both the Romantic Spirit and the science fictional Sense of Wonder which is its twentieth century heir. If you have given up reading sf because the power to meaning and wonder seemed lost, pick up Wormwood and find it again."
    Australian Book Review
    ""Why has Dowling's work struck such a chord? He draws unashamedly on the traditional strengths of SF - awe, wonder and mystery - and works them into myths that have resonance for our times."
    Sydney Morning Herald

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