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The first book of the adventures of Tom Rynosseros

Come to an altogether different Australia . . .

Australia in the future is a bizarre, beautiful land of cosmopolitan coastal cities and strange Ab'O societies that dominate the interior . . . a place where great sand-ships are the main form of travel, where satellites spy on warring tribes, and where -through cryogenics, genetic engineering and formidable mental sciences - humanity has evolved into a very different species, struggling to survive its own alienness.

Now, join adventurer Tom Tyson, captain of the sand-ship Rynosseros, as he traverses a continent of merging cultures and philosophies, of myth and dream made real, and of absolute possibility.


  • "Colouring the Captains"
  • "The Only Bird in Her Name"
  • "The Robot is Running Away From The Trees"
  • "What We Did to the Tyger"
  • "Spinners"
  • "So Much For The Burning Queen"
  • "Mirage Diver"
  • "Time of the Star"

    Aphelion Publications (AUS): ISBN 1-875346-01-5, soft cover, 228 pages, 1990. Cover by Nick Stathopoulos.
    Science Fiction Book Club (US): ISBN 1-875346-01-5, hardcover, 184 pages, SF Book Club No. 00608, Cover by Ron Walotsky.
    Despite identical ISBN numbers these are separate editions.

    "Think of an imagination steeped in the stories of Cordwainer Smith, J.G. Ballard, and Jack Vance, then grant that Terry Dowling has his own formidable intelligence, and you'll get a notion of the riches this book offers...a marvellous book...Rynosseros places Dowling among the masters of the field"
    "For richness of social and textual detail, Dowling's work rivals that of Jack Vance and Gene Wolfe...Rynosseros is an intricate and fascinating work of Australian SF."
    Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review Annual
    "Rynosseros accomplishes what the very best speculative fiction works achieve: it creates a world so alluring that you ache to go there yourself, not to escape the rigours of life, but in order to participate more thoroughly."
    Sydney Morning Herald
    "If this book suffers from anything it is an overabundance of wonders."
    "Here is Jack Vance, Cordwainer Smith, and Tiptree/Sheldon come again, reborn in one wonderful talent...you'll purr and growl with delight"
    Harlan Ellison

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