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Twilight Beach

A ship, a Star, a Woman's Face...

All that Tom Rynosseros remembers from his time in the Madhouse. But who was he? Why did the powerful Ab'O tribes send him there? What do the three signs mean?

From the haunted streets of Twilight Beach to the burning heart of this future Australia, from the eerie wind-river call the Soul to the dream-ridden shores of the Inland Sea, Tom searches desperately for whatever pieces of his life he can find.

Aphelion Publications (AUS): ISBN 1-875346-08-2, soft cover, 270 pages, 1993. Cover by Nick Stathopoulos.

"The profound myths of Twilight Beach break the old chains of identity, portraying Australia as a realm where conditions allow an exalted existentialism...A myth of sheer being emerges."
Sydney Morning Herald
"It's not compulsory to read Rynosseros and Blue Tyson before Twilight Beach, but if you haven't, I'll bet you'll want to read them after it."
The Australian
"a singularly impressive mixture of poetical imagery, creativity and sheer storytelling power"
"a writer of great sophistication whose work has few parallels elsewhere in the genre"
"he builds up with cumulative intensity an Australis Incognita...the books resemble a Thousand and One Nights of the future, a medieval display of epiphanies locked into a certain timelessness."
Damien Broderick/Reading by Starlight
"Luscious, sensuous and vivid, the line between artifice and outre has been cleverly blurred by Dowling so that the created and the real are synthesized into a prose which smells of the world he is shaping."
"This stuff gives me goose bumps. Best enjoyed late at night over a good glass of port."
Australian Realms

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