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Antique   Futures
T h e  B e s t  o f  T e r r y  D o w l i n g

Reading a Dowling book is rather like sampling a fine wine. The scenes and images roll delicately over the mental palate, leaving a lingering aftertaste of exotica, of visions and marvels seen with eyes that have gazed long on wondrous things.                     Mythopoeia

Terry Dowling is Australia's finest fantasist. His internationally acclaimed work explores the lush landscapes of distant, alien-invaded futures, the vast, beautiful interiors of an imagined Australia and the darkest reaches of the human psyche, constantly redefining the genre.

Antique Futures presents the very best of Terry Dowling in a single volume for the first time. From the Aurealis Award-winning horror of "Jenny Come to Play" and the psychological drama of "The Quiet Redemption of Andy the House" to the wide-screen adventure of "Nobody's Fool" and the sweeping, heroic saga of "Time of the Star", these marvellous tales represent the best speculative fiction has to offer.


  • Nobody's Fool,
  • Shatterwrack at Breaklight,
  • Scaring the Train,
  • The Ichneumon and the Dormeuse,
  • The Robot is Running Away From The Trees,
  • The Man Who Lost Red,
  • Jenny Come to Play,
  • The Last Elephant,
  • The Quiet Redemption of Andy the House,
  • Spinners,
  • A Deadly Edge Their Red Beaks Pass Along,
  • Beckoning Nightframe, and
  • Time of the Star.

    mp books (AUS): ISBN 0-646-37533-4, soft cover, 409 pages, 1999. Cover by Nick Stathopoulos.

    "a treasure trove and much much more..."
    Faren Miller, Locus
    "easily the most fulfilling book I've read this year . . . an essential addition to any SF lover's bookshelf."
    Chris Lawson, The Coode St. Review of Science Fiction

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