The Ikin Interview
Terry was recently interviewed by friend and colleague Van Ikin as part of Ikin's interview series for Aurealis. The entire interview is now available online. (08/08/03)

Spot-checking the Emperor
Terry's appearance at the recent Fantastic Fictions Symposium (see news item, including photo) the delivery of a paper entitled "Spot-Checking the Emperor", which you can read in full online.(01/12/02)

Developing the Art for Antique Futures
Award winning artist Nick Stathopoulos has had a long-standing professional relationship with Terry Dowling. In 1999 Nick completed the cover art to Antique Futures, and a feature on the development of the cover is available here. (08/03/00)

Smoking Mirrors, with a Hint of Scrimshaw
Noted critics and commentators Van Ikin and Steven Paulsen recently interviewed Terry Dowling by email. The interview was published in UK magazine Interzone, and is now available online!. ( Read it online.) (25/02/00)

Terry Dowling: Interviewed
Terry Dowling has been unusually frank and open in the discussion of his creative process,talking to a variety of publications about how and why he writes the work that he does. The Terry Dowling website is proud to present the following interviews: "Postcards from the Flight Deck" (1991), "Riding the Tiger" (1993), and an extract from a profile from Sirius (1995). (23/02/00)

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