Very Clever Baby's First Reader
For Very Clever Babies aged 3-6 months

Very Clever Baby's First Reader is a 12 page, A6 sized (fold an A4 twice) card book. I originally wrote it for two separate sets of parents who had babies on the way, and published it myself to meet popular demand in several Sydney bookshops. Text Publishing has recently re-published it, so now Freddy the Fish can bring his Easy Words to Very Clever Babies all over Australia.

*The basic idea of the book is, of course, a joke. But it is ideal to give as a card to expectant parents. If anyone has a 3-6 month old baby who actually can read at all, let alone words like ICHTHYOLOGY and TETRAODONTIDAE, then they should be congratulated.

Very Clever Baby's Ben Hur

Very Clever Baby's Ben Hur is the second book in the Very Clever Baby series of easy readers for babies aged 3-6 months. Like Very Clever Baby's First Reader it acknowledges that babies are actually much, much smarter than is generally suspected and have no trouble with words like PERFIDIOUS. This edition of BEN HUR introduces babies to the great classic in an easily affordable card-sized book of 12 pages including the chariot race. An ideal present for your own very clever baby or the very clever babies of friends and relatives. The book is an A6 size card 11cm (4 1/4") wide x 14.5cm (5 3/4")high. It fits in most standard envelopes and is no thicker than a letter.

Unfortunately this book is not currently published outside Australia and so is not available from Amazon. It can be purchased from Gleebooks, Dymocks or Readings via the Internet and in many fine real-world bookstores.

Very Clever Baby's First Christmas

Released November 1998 by The Text Publishing Company. The latest in Freddy the Fish's adventures, with a Christmas story.

'If I was still alive and had a small baby, I'd give them this book to read.' Charles Dickens 'Christmas, Roman orgies, druids . . . this book has everything for the discerning six-month-old baby.' Freddy the Trout (no relation) A Sample Spread

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