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Schizm Different on CD
Terry has issued a public announcement regarding Schizm: Mysterious Journey, the Polish-developed Fantasy adventure game he scripted.


I’m very proud to have worked on Schizm: Mysterious Journey, the computer game developed by Detalion and LK Avalon in Poland, published by Project 3 Interactive in Holland and now available from various distributors worldwide.

It’s my title and storyline, my screenplay, dialogue and characters. The respected US-based webzine JustAdventure + gave the DVD version of the game an A rating (see www.justadventure.com). Bert Jamin at Gamesover.com also gave it a highly positive review, as well as publishing the game’s first walkthrough (see www.gamesover.com).

That’s the DVD version – the game’s intended form. The developers and publisher anticipated a wider DVD market than presently exists internationally, so a CD ROM version of the game was also released. This has received pretty negative reviews – and for good reasons.

Apart from a marked drop in the quality of the superb graphics and the omission of certain puzzles and transitions, the logistics of compressing the DVD onto five disks for the CD ROM version meant that most of the story has been gutted.

It was already a ‘lean’ narrative, the intention being to tease gamers just enough to encourage them to explore the planet Argilus for themselves and discover what has happened to the Earth scientists and the local population. From the viewpoint of story, everything was carefully judged to fit the wonderful material and give clues at a particular pacing. Considerable background was provided by the mission logs left by the missing scientists; other important information was provided by the ghosts of the scientists and the native Argilans breaking through to present vital clues.

Most of the mission logs are now inactive (and one of the few that remains has the poorest actor in the ensemble presenting the script). The main ghosts no longer deliver their narrative clues. The dialogue has been re-sequenced out of order. The wonderful bird, insect and marine life which the talented Detalion team created for Argilus no longer exists. You do not see the living ship come alive with its fascinating gas exchange and the energising of its magnificent sails. The wonderful balloons of the Kitris Balloon Field are static except during transitions and a few key scenes.

I cannot easily convey how disappointed I am. I can only urge interested gamers to go to Bert Jamin’s site for his review and walkthrough, and to visit Just Adventure + for Randy Sluganski’s review of the DVD which, by comparison, I am delighted with.

Meanwhile, I’d like to present the omitted dialogue here [rtf format file]. We do whatever we can to remain on the side of the angels.


Even More Essential Ellison
The revised and expanded edition of The Essential Ellison (Morpheus International), the mammoth Harlan Ellison retrospective edited by Dowling, was launched at Pink’s Hot Dog Stand at 711 N. La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles on 26 June 2001 in an event attended by around 700 people. Pink’s was the setting for Harlan’s 1982 comic gem, "Prince Myshkin, and Hold the Relish", now included in the book, which has been re-subtitled "A 50-year retrospective" and lengthened to 1200 pages.

Mysterious Journey Ends
Schizm: Mysterious Journey, L K Avalon’s long-awaited sf computer game is finally available in Europe in both DVD and CDROM (in a truncated form), featuring a story and script by Dowling.

Three years in development by Poland’s Detalion team for L K Avalon, Schizm is a First Contact adventure concerning a supply ship sent to make contact with science teams on a ‘Mary Celeste’-type planet filled with abandoned cities, amazing bio-organic technology but no people. The scientists too have apparently vanished, and the spacefarers must discover what has happened.

Bert Jamin’s review of the game can be found at gamesover.com. US-based publisher Dreamcatcher will release a version modified for the North American market this October.


Recent Sales & Publications
Terry has sold "One Thing About the Night"—a story based on a real house close to his Sydney home and "some rather nifty experiments involving mirrored rooms"—to Ellen Datlow for her forthcoming anthology The Dark (TOR), and "The Bone Ship" to Gathering the Bones, a horror anthology to be edited by Ramsay Campbell, Jack Dann and Dennis Etchison and due in 2002.

The recently released The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror (Fourteen Annual Collection) edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling reprints not one but two Dowling stories from Blackwater Days, one chosen by each editor. Datlow selected "Basic Black" and Windling "The Saltimbanques" (which she refers to as "a stunning piece"). Dowling is the only author to have two stories in the anthology.

"The Saltimbanques" also appears in the unabridged edition of the David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer Year’s Best Fantasy from the Science Fiction Book Club.


Two World Fantasy Awards Nominations
Terry's acclaimed Blackwater Days and the twice "Year's Best" reprinted "The Saltimbanques" have both been nominated for the 2001 World Fantasy Awards. (See complete story.)

Terry Dowling on Scifiction
"The Lagan Fishers", which earned Dowling US$0.20 for each of its 6500-or-so words, is now online for free at Ellen Datlow's SciFiction.

Ditmars Come in Pairs Now
Terry's recent trip to the National SF Convention in Perth proved well worth his while, with Blackwater Days and "The Saltimbanques" picking up Ditmar Awards in Best Collected Work and Best Short Fiction (in a tie with Stephen Dedman's "The Devotee") respectively.

A Visit to the West
Terry will be travelling in Western Australia during April and May 2001, and will attend a number of genre-related events, as detailed in his updated Appearances section below.

Dowling the Year's Best
Terry will this year join fellow Australian Greg Egan as one of the few writers ever to be represented by two stories in one of the US-based international Year's Best anthologies.

Terry Windling has bought "The Saltimbanques", which will appear alongside "Basic Black" (both from Blackwater Days) in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 14.

01-Feb-01: Kathryn Cramer and David G. Hartwell have bought "The Saltimbanques" for their new anthology Year's Best Fantasy 1, to be published by HarperCollins in the US in July. Year's Best Fantasy is a new companion to David Hartwell's successful Year's Best SF series. The book should be distributed in this country by HarperCollins Australia.


Terry Dowling Updated
"The Lagan Fishers" has been sold to Ellen Datlow at Scifi.com for Scifiction—which pays one of the best rates for short fiction in the world at 20 US cents per word—and is due online in April 2001.

Datlow has also bought "Basic Black" from Blackwater Days for The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 14, making it the third section of Dowling's linked novel to appear in the Datlow/Windling Year's Best anthologies. His computer game Schizm: Mysterious Journey is due for February, although the date is still tentative, and a new website includes full details of the project. Finally, in order to make himself more accessible, Terry has announced a public email address: terrydowlingwriter@hotmail.com.

31-Jan-01: Terry Windling has now bought "The Saltimbanques" to join "Basic Black" in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 14, placing Terry Dowling amongst the few authors ever to be represented in one of the US Year's Best anthologies by two stories.

01-Feb-01: Kathryn Cramer and David G. Hartwell have bought "The Saltimbanques" for their new anthology Year's Best Fantasy 1, to be published by HarperCollins in the US in July. Year's Best Fantasy is a new companion to David Hartwell's successful Year's Best SF series. The book should be distributed in this country by HarperCollins Australia.

05-Feb-01: Terry has sold new horror story "The Bone Ship" to Jack Dann for anthology Gathering the Bones. Gathering the Bones is an original horror anthology edited by Ramsey Campbell, Jack Dann and Dennis Etchison, featuring fiction from England, Australia and the United States, due from Tor Books and HarperCollins.


Australians in the 2000 Year's Bests
Three Australian short stories published in 2000 will be reprinted in the big US-based international Year's Best anthologies. The 14th Edition of Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling's The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror will reprint Jack Dann's "Marilyn" (Eidolon #29/30) and Terry Dowling's "Basic Black" (Blackwater Days), and David Hartwell has picked up Stephen Dedman's "The Devotee" (Eidolon #29/30) for Year's Best Science Fiction #6.

Terry Dowling on writing Blackwater Days
This essay by the author, originally published in the programme book of the 2000 Australian National SF Convention, backgrounds Terry Dowling's critically acclaimed Blackwater Days and discusses "how it came to be".

Blackwater Days Launched
Terry Dowling's latest book Blackwater Days, was launched by Eidolon Publications on Friday 21 April 2000 at Swancon 2000.

Blackwater Days Story to be Reprinted
Terry Dowling has sold first serial rights to his story "The Saltimbanques", which will appear in his new book Blackwater Days, to Eidolon Publications for the 10th Anniversary Issue of Eidolon. Terry's story "Larrikin Wind" featured in the first issue of the magazine.

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