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Bibliographic Update
Stephen's Bibliography has been updated to reflect a swathe of recent sales and publications.

No Valentine for Late-Comers
Consensual 2, a small press magazine-style anthology of erotica co-edited by Stephen Dedman, closes for submissions on February 14.

Like its predecessor Consensual, this sequel, subtitled "The Second Coming", will include uncredited stories, with a list of contributors published somewhere in the volume.

The second ConSensual will be launched at 11.30am, Saturday 12th April at the Australian National SF Convention. The local launch of Stephen's Shadows Bite will also take place at the convention.


Dedman on Douglass
Sara Douglass' latest Hades' Daughter, the first in her new Troy Game sequence, receives a slightly mixed reception from Stephen in this January 2003 review.

Borderlands Announced
The first issue of Borderlands, "a new journal of Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror", will be launched at SwanCon in April, 2003.

Borderlands will appear three times a year, will be available via subscription or from specialist bookshops, and is intended to appear eventually in a downloadable format. According to Borderlands Press publicity person Jodie Hunter, "Borderlands will be an edgy, modern genre journal with high content standards. Our mission is to provide readers with an exciting and provocative range of short stories, novellas and non-fiction."

The WA-based publisher Borderlands Press, which sprang in part from a committee assembled to relaunch Eidolon, includes author Stephen Dedman and the three-person crew responsible for the Borderlands convention, Simon Oxwell, Grant Watson and Anna Hepworth. Potential contributors are invited to contact Simon Oxwell for submissions guidelines.


"For Sale If You Want Them"
Stephen's complete list of review credits can now be found online.

Dedman Reviews Williams
Stephen's review of Sean Williams' The Storm Weaver and the Sand, originally published in an abridged form in The West Australian, has been reprinted in full in our reviews section.

Update 2002
Since the last major update of his bibliography, Stephen has seen half a dozen short stories published and has sold another three.

Recent publications include "Shameless", in Guilty Pleasures, "The Ghoul Goes West" in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #1, "A Single Shadow" in Hayakawa S-F Magazine Issue 519 and "Never Seen by Waking Eyes" in Hayakawa S-F Magazine Issue 539—the latter translation was nominated in the Japanese Seiun Awards for 2002—"Waste Land" in Agog! Fantastic Fiction and "The Ice Giants" in Spinouts Bronze.

During the same period Stephen sold "Twilight of Idols" to Conquer Fantastic and "'Til Human Voices Wake Us" to Queer Fear 2, and is awaiting news from Tor in the US about his new novels Unequal Laws and Savage Gods. Stephen also sold Czech translation rights for "The Devotee" to Ikarie and saw "The Pretender" printed in Italian translation as "Il Pretendente" in Miti e leggende di Re Artu, ei Cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda e del Santo Graal. Finally, "Down to the Tethys Sea" will now be published in Absolute Magnitude, not the late Aboriginal Science Fiction.


Electronic Art
Stephen's first novel The Art of Arrow Cutting is now available as an e-book (read first chapter; order) from fictionwise (at about half the price of the trade paperback), as are several of his short stories.

The Latest Labours of Love
Stephen has recently sold stories "The Ice Giants" to Paul Collins' Spinouts Sapphire (Pearson Education) and "The Wind Sall Blow For Ever Mair" to Ramsey Campbell, Jack Dann and Dennis Etchison's horror anthology Bones (HarperCollins/TOR).

With future-fantasy Shadows Bite due in hardcover from TOR in December, Stephen is currently hard at work on revisions to the first draft of his next novel, Unequal Laws, which he expects to place in the hands of his agent Richard Curtis in "a few weeks".


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