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Double Shortlisting in AAs
Sean has garnered two shortlistings in the 2002 Aurealis Awards (see announcement): Best Fantasy Novel for The Storm Weaver and the Sand and Best SF Novel for Echoes of Earth (with Shane Dix), bringing his total so far to thirteen. The results will be announced at the 8th Aurealis Awards Ceremony in Melbourne on Friday 28th March, 2003.

Sean's for A Just Australia
Sean Williams has joined a small group of Australian authors who "[do] not agree with what is happening in Australia to refugees and asylum seekers" and are prepared to use their books to publicise that fact.

The authors, working under the auspices of A Just Australia, an advertising campaign of Australians for Just Refugee Programs, plan to publicise the campaign by arranging to have the AJA logo printed "on their acknowledgments page or even on or inside front cover" of their forthcoming books, "indicating to readers now and to posterity that [they] did not agree with what is happening in Australia to refugees and asylum seekers."

Williams will join mainstream authors including Rosanne Hawke, Geraldine Brooks and Tom Shapcott in a stand which recalls that taken by Greg Egan, who in 2001 printed and distributed "We Are All Refugees" t-shirts free of charge, and whose website is headed by a statement on Australia's refugee policy with a link to the Australians for Just Refugee Programs site.


Williams, Douglass Tour
HarperCollins Australia is touring its big-name local genre authors Sara Douglass and Sean Williams in November/December.

Sean Williams will be promoting the concluding chapter in his Books of The Change, The Storm Weaver and the Sand, on the following schedule:

  • 09-November to 15-November: Sydney
  • 15-November to 18-November: Melbourne
  • 03-December to 07-December: Adelaide

Sara Douglass will be promoting the opening chapter in her historical fantasy trilogy The Troy Game, Hades Daughter, and will be touring "Tasmania, Sydney and Melbourne" in the first two weeks of December.


Nix and Williams Guests at SWF
This year's Sydney Writers' Festival (Monday May 27th to Sunday June 2nd 2002), will feature both Adelaide's Sean Williams and Sydney local Garth Nix.

As described on its website, the Sydney Writers' Festival 2002 is a "week-long annual celebration of reading and writing featuring published writers across genre and form from across Australia and around the world". In their efforts to "reflect the range of writing from literary and popular fiction, poetry, screenwriting, journalism to serious non-fiction", and no doubt in support of their belief that "by representing the work of young writers and cutting-edge topics, [the Festival] should be attractive to young audiences and create new audiences for writing as well as attracting and consolidating established literary audiences", they've chosen to add Adelaide's pop culture guru Kirsty Brooks—along with lesser-known partner Sean Williams and fellow Australian genre powerhouse Garth Nix—to this year's guest list. (Others Festival guests include genre writers Kate Forsyth, Sophie Masson, Felicity Pulman, Venero Armanno, Cecilia Dart-Thornton and Anna Fienberg, and genre illustrator Kim Gamble.)

Sean and Garth will both be participating in the Seymour Theatre Centre School Program which involves teaching workshops and "meet the writer" sessions, and Sean will be helping to judge the "Can You Survive the Drive?" short fiction competition.

Some 90% of events have no entry charge, and the Festival takes in venues across the city. For more information, email the SWF.


Collections Cancelled
FPR Books' recently decided to forego future releases in its Swift Imprint, which has reprinted Metal Fatigue, and the Evergence trilogy. Unfortunately the decision also means that three planned collections of Williams' short fiction and a hardcover reprint of The Resurrected Man will not now see print.

Use The Force, Lad
In the last few months, the feverish activity at Chez Williams has seen Sean polish off the first draft of Force Heretic: Remnant, the opening book in his and Shane Dix's Star Wars: New Jedi Order trilogy.

Sean reports he's also been working on a third draft of The Sky Warden & the Sun, sequel to the recently released The Stone Mage and the Sea. His next project is the second of the Force Heretic sequence, Refugee.

Sean will be appearing at the Word of Mouth Fremantle Writers' Festival in WA, 24-25 November 2001.


New Jedi Order, 2003
Details of the Williams/Dix Star Wars books have emerged following discussions with George Lucas. The Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series, all set to appear from Bantam Books in the US in 2003, will be Force Heretic 1: Remnant, Force Heretic 2: Refugee and Force Heretic 3: Reunion.

First of Retitled "Orphan" Trilogy Delivered
US publisher Ace Books has accepted the first novel of a new Sean Williams/Shane Dix series for publication. The collaboration was originally referred to as the Orphan trilogy, but the book titles themselves are proving a small problem.

The first book had been entitled Crown of Thorns, and was subsequently retitled Echoes of Earth. The second and third books of the series were originally Orphans of Earth and Nature of Gravity, but the third then became Heirs of Earth. On 22-February Williams announced that the names would change again, and that the proposed new titles were Sculptures in the Sky, Planets in their Stations and The Sentinel Stars, but even this may not be the final version.

Originally due in March 2002, the first book's publication has been brought forward to January 2002.


SW + SD = Star Wars
Sean Williams and Shane Dix have sold US publisher Del Rey a trilogy of Star Wars New Jedi Order novels.

None of the detail of the novels has been settled, and Williams will visit Star Wars producer/director George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch this month to brainstorm titles and storylines.

"There's a chance we could be writing the last three books in the series," says Williams. "If that means we get to kill anyone off, I don't know (after all, they've already topped poor old Chewie); we can only keep our fingers crossed."

Delivery of the novels overlaps the completion of both the Williams/Dix Orphans trilogy (which is to be retitled) and Williams' solo fantasy trilogy.


Williams & Dix Successful Exports
The South Australian writing team of Sean Williams and Shane Dix have just seen Japanese language rights to their Evergence series sold to Hiyakawa. The news follows closely on sales of the series to Ast in Russia and Navrat in Czechoslovakia. All three books are due to be reprinted by UK-based FPR books in April.

Williams' Greatness Now Official
Adelaide author Sean Williams has been honoured as part of this year's South Australia Day celebrations, winning the 2000 SA Great Award for Literature.

The awards—first presented in 1998—were announced at 6:00pm on Thursday, December 28th to a crowd of around 10,000 on the banks of the River Torrens. Williams joined a list of individuals and organisations recognised at the culmination of official South Australia Day celebrations.

Other winners included businessman Robert Gerard (South Australian of the Year), Adelaide Football Club doctor Brian Sando, Dual Olympic Gold-medallist Hockeyroo Juliet Haslam, TAFE Hotel School director Derrick Casey, electrical engineer Richard Combe and performer, playwright and Festival Director Robyn Archer, who was honoured for her contribution in the field of Music.


"Evermore" in Audio
Random House Audio (US) will be releasing an audio version of Sean's story "Evermore". First published by Altair in its WorldCon 1999 issue, and reprinted in Gardner Dozois' Year's Best SF Volume 17 this year, the story will be read by actor Kerin McCue and will be available for download or on compact cassette in November 2000.

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