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New Dann Collection Announced
Jack Dann has sold a 200,000 word collection of his short fiction to HarperCollins Australia. The book, Jubilee, will be published by HarperCollins' Flamingo imprint in September to co-incide with the 1999 World Science Fiction Convention. HarperCollins will also reprint the Dann/Webb anthology Dreaming Down-Under in September in two volumes.

New Novel Sold to Avon, and Anthologies to Ace
Jack Dann has sold an as yet unwritten novel about James Dean to Tom Dupree at Avon Books. He has also sold three new anthologies in the ongoing "Magic Tales" series, edited with Gardner Dozois, to Ace.

Dann/Webb News
Jack Dann and Janeen Webb have sold new story "The Fire-Eater's Tale" to Ed Kramer for his anthology Strange Attraction, based on artwork by Lisa Snellings. Dann has also sold new story "Marilyn" to Eidolon, and new anthologies Armageddons and Future Combat (with G. Dozois) to Ace.

Dreaming Down-Under Signing
Following the launch of Jack Dann and Janeen Webb's new anthology Dreaming Down-Under at Melbourne's Slow Glass Bookshop, the recently opened Borders Superstore (Jam Factory, Chapel St. South Yarra) will host a mass signing with spotlight readings at 1:30pm on Sunday 13 December 1998.

Dann Back in Oz, and on the Festival Circuit
Jack Dann has just returned from a successful author tour of the US, promoting his new novel The Silent. He will be attending the inaugural Book Lovers' Weekend, an event sponsored by Dymock's Booksellers and The West Australian Newspaper on the weekend of August 21-23 in Perth, and will be at the Melbourne Writer's Festival, commencing 25 August 1998.

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