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New Jedi Order, 2003
Details of the Williams/Dix Star Wars books have emerged following discussions with George Lucas. The Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series, all set to appear from Bantam Books in the US in 2003, will be Force Heretic 1: Remnant, Force Heretic 2: Refugee and Force Heretic 3: Reunion.

First of Retitled "Orphan" Trilogy Delivered
US publisher Ace Books has accepted the first novel of a new Sean Williams/Shane Dix series for publication. The collaboration was originally referred to as the Orphan trilogy, but the book titles themselves are proving a small problem.

The first book had been entitled Crown of Thorns, and was subsequently retitled Echoes of Earth. The second and third books of the series were originally Orphans of Earth and Nature of Gravity, but the third then became Heirs of Earth. On 22-February Williams announced that the names would change again, and that the proposed new titles were Sculptures in the Sky, Planets in their Stations and The Sentinel Stars, but even this may not be the final version.

Originally due in March 2002, the first book's publication has been brought forward to January 2002.


SW + SD = Star Wars
Sean Williams and Shane Dix have sold US publisher Del Rey a trilogy of Star Wars New Jedi Order novels.

None of the detail of the novels has been settled, and Williams will visit Star Wars producer/director George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch this month to brainstorm titles and storylines.

"There's a chance we could be writing the last three books in the series," says Williams. "If that means we get to kill anyone off, I don't know (after all, they've already topped poor old Chewie); we can only keep our fingers crossed."

Delivery of the novels overlaps the completion of both the Williams/Dix Orphans trilogy (which is to be retitled) and Williams' solo fantasy trilogy.


Williams & Dix Successful Exports
The South Australian writing team of Sean Williams and Shane Dix have just seen Japanese language rights to their Evergence series sold to Hiyakawa. The news follows closely on sales of the series to Ast in Russia and Navrat in Czechoslovakia. All three books are due to be reprinted by UK-based FPR books in April.

Williams' Greatness Now Official
Adelaide author Sean Williams has been honoured as part of this year's South Australia Day celebrations, winning the 2000 SA Great Award for Literature.

The awards—first presented in 1998—were announced at 6:00pm on Thursday, December 28th to a crowd of around 10,000 on the banks of the River Torrens. Williams joined a list of individuals and organisations recognised at the culmination of official South Australia Day celebrations.

Other winners included businessman Robert Gerard (South Australian of the Year), Adelaide Football Club doctor Brian Sando, Dual Olympic Gold-medallist Hockeyroo Juliet Haslam, TAFE Hotel School director Derrick Casey, electrical engineer Richard Combe and performer, playwright and Festival Director Robyn Archer, who was honoured for her contribution in the field of Music.


"Evermore" in Audio
Random House Audio (US) will be releasing an audio version of Sean's story "Evermore". First published by Altair in its WorldCon 1999 issue, and reprinted in Gardner Dozois' Year's Best SF Volume 17 this year, the story will be read by actor Kerin McCue and will be available for download or on compact cassette in November 2000.

Williams Continues Headline-hogging Excesses
Fresh from his appearance at the National Young Writers’ Festival, Sean Williams has announced that as of 1-October-2000 he had no less than nine new books in the pipeline.

The nine books in question are:

  • Evergence: A Dark Imbalance US (called Evergence 3: The Dark Imbalance in its HarperCollins Australia edition) is due from Ace in March 2001.
  • The new series co-written with Shane Dix has yet to be scheduled, but Ace has committed to three titles: Crown of Thorns, Orphans of Earth and Nature of Gravity. Details for other territories will be announced when they are available.
  • Sean's solo fantasy series, supported by the Australia Council Literature Fund, is also yet to be scheduled, but again three titles are expected: The Stone Mage & the Sea, The Sky Warden & the Sun and The Weavers in the Web. HarperCollins Australia will be publishing them locally, first in trade paperback and then in mass-market paperback. Publication in the UK and US is still being negotiated.
  • FPR Books in the UK (which reissued Metal Fatigue in a stunning hardcover in 1999) has bought two full-length collections of short stories, tentatively titled Ghosts of the Fall and A View Before Dying.
Sean has completed writing on the first book of each new series, leaving four books to write over the coming couple of years. He also intends to spend that time researching his next solo SF novel, Widow of Opportunity, also supported by the Australia Council.

Further, Sean has a number of planned republications in the works, including a number of other titles from FPR Books—the Evergence series and The Resurrected Man in hardcover—foreign language editions of the Evergence series in Russia and the Czech Republic, and a translation of Metal Fatigue into Polish.


Williams Still a Spring Chicken
Sean Williams will be appearing as a guest and speaking at the third annual National Young Writers' Festival, being held this year in Newcastle NSW, from October 5th to 9th.

The 2000 Festival, running under the banner "This is Not Art", incorporates the National Student Media Conference and features "over 100 panels, workshops, performances and readings".

Sean's festival programme is as follows:
  • Friday 5.00 "Staying Published"
  • Sunday 2.00 "Doin' It For the Kids"
  • Sunday 5.00 "Data Driving - Science Fiction & Info Overload"
According to organisers "The festival is about seeing how many people we can stuff into the category of 'Writer'—like clowns in a mini." Other festival guests include Kirsty Brooks, Andres Vaccari and John Birmingham.


Williams Sells Fantasy Trilogy to HarperCollins Australia
Sean Williams has sold a trilogy of young adult fantasy novels—The Stone Mage and the Sea, The Sky Warden and the Sun, and an as yet untitled third book—to HarperCollins Australia following an auction conducted by agent Richard Curtis. The first book The Stone Mage and the Sea is completed and will be published by HarperCollins Australia in trade paperback in 2001. The trilogy is being written with the assistance of a grant from the Australia Council, as reported here in October 1999.

Adelaide Convention First in Years
ConVex is the first fan-run sf convention to be held in Adelaide for some years—since HongCon in 1992, the organisers believe.

According to Juliette Woods, one of ConVex's principal organisers along with partner Damien Warman, the small, one-day convention organised on behalf of the long-running science fiction discussion group Critical Mass hopes to attract both long-time fans and newcomers. The emphasis will be on written sf, and particularly Australian work.

The convention will consist of talks by notable Adelaide fans including John Foyster, Jeff Harris and Roman Orszanski, as well as panel discussions including "Is this the Golden Age of Oz SF?", "Good Written SF of the 1990s", and "Science and Science Fiction—Is There Any Connection?". Metropolis and Things To Come will be screened on Thursday 28th in association with the Adelaide University Film Society. Guest of honour Sean Williams is an Adelaide local.

The Convention will take place at the SA Writers' Centre, Level 2, 187 Rundle Street on Saturday September 30th, 2000 from 10:00-17:00. Entry is $10.

The convention's website was down at the time of writing, but it should be available after about the 17th of September. For more information, the organisers suggest contacting them via email or phoning on (08) 8267 5374.


Williams and Dix Sell New Trilogy
Sean Williams and Shane Dix have sold a new science fiction trilogy to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace via agent Richard Curtis for a mid-five figure advance. The first volume of the yet-to-be-written Orphans Trilogy, Crown of Thorns, is scheduled for a late 2001 publication with Orphans of Earth, and Nature of Gravity to follow.

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