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Official Website Opens
Residing at the easy-to-remember web address www.terrydowling.com, Terry's Official Website is now open for business. Please check there for recent and up-to-date information. Terry can be contacted via a webform on the new site.

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“One Thing About the Night” in Year’s Best Fantasy
Terry’s chilling horror story from Ellen Datlow’s The Dark (TOR, October 2003) has been selected by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer for the Year’s Best Fantasy 4, to be published by Eos later in the year.

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Terry Becomes a Lord of the Instrumentality
Along with Pat Cadigan, James Patrick Kelly and four other writers and notables, Terry has been invited by the Estate of the late Paul Linebarger (aka Cordwainer Smith) to become a Lord of the Instrumentality of Mankind for 2003, the organisation’s third year of operation. (More)

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“Flashmen” in Year’s Best Science Fiction
Terry’s story "Flashmen" from the Aussie Writers edition of the professional webzine Oceans of the Mind (Issue X, Winter 2003) has been selected by multi-award winning editor Gardner Dozois to appear in his Year’s Best Science Fiction 21 later this year. The story was inspired by a meal enjoyed in Melbourne during the 1999 Worldcon and the mishearing of Verve Pipe’s song "Freshmen".

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Chameleon released
Terry’s follow-up game to the award-winning Schizm: Mysterious Journey (released in the US as Mysterious Journey: Schizm) is now available from Dreamcatcher (aka The Adventure Company). (More)

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Clarion South
Terry was tutor for the second week (11-18 January 2004) of the inaugural Clarion South writers’ workshop program held at Griffith University in Brisbane in January-February 2004. Terry’s stint also included readings as Gilhoolie’s Irish Pub in the city and at Griffith University’s Southbank campus.

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“Rynemonn” in Forever Shores
The three final stories from Terry’s fourth Tom Rynosseros collection, Rynemonn, have appeared under the collective title “Rynemonn” in Peter McNamara and Margaret Winch’s anthology of Australian SF and Fantasy, Forever Shores, published by Wakefield Press at the end of 2003 (More)

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Terry at Magic Casements 2
Terry once again appeared as a featured guest at the NSW Writers’ Centre’s Magic Casements festival of speculative fiction, held on Saturday 6 March 2004. (More)

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Perth International Arts Festival Writers’ Week Appearance
Terry appeared as a guest at the Perth International Arts Festival Writers’ Week (19–25 February 2004). (More)

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“The Maze Man” reprinted in Secret Lives
Terry’s 1984 urban horror story “The Maze Man” was reprinted in Barry Oakley’s Five Mile Press anthology Secret Lives late in 2003, as an example of what Oakley considers “stories that work”.

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Homesite Update
Terry's homesite has just been overhauled, with additions to his bibliography including selected non-fiction and interviews, an updated biography adding details of his many awards, a new site section collecting critical comments on his work, a new interview and a high-quality press photo.

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New Stories in Review
Reviews of "One Thing About the Night" from Tor's forthcoming The Dark and "Rynemonn" from Wakefield Press's forthcoming Forever Shores can be read online now at The Coode Street Review of Science Fiction. (More)

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Reprint Bonanza
With MirrorDanse Books recent reprints of Rynosseros and The Man Who Lost Red, the inclusion of "The Man Who Walks Away Behind the Eyes" in Peter McNamara's Wonder Years and "The Maze Man"'s selection for Barry Oakley's forthcoming mainstream anthology, keen Dowling readers are spoiled for choice. (More)

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Schizm Sequel for November
The computer game Chameleon, based on an original script by Terry Dowling, was formally announced at E3 in Los Angeles in May 2003. (More)

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Dowling A Year's Best Again
Terry Dowling's chilling "Stitch", first published online here in December 2002, has been selected by editor Ellen Datlow for the 2003 international Datlow/Windling anthology The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixteenth Annual Collection.

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Playing the Palace
Terry's story "The Bone Ship", due to appear in the international Horror anthology Gathering the Bones next year, has been picked to represent the book in the March 2003 Australian Womens' Weekly. Terry's most recent story "Stitch" was published online in December 2002.

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Terry Dowling's latest publication is the re-issue of The Man Who Lost Red from MirrorDanse Books.

Public email Address
email Terry at his public address:

"Here is Jack Vance, Cordwainer Smith and Tiptree/Sheldon come again, reborn in one wonderful talent"
—Harlan Ellison
"The most noted prose stylist in Australian
speculative fiction"
"Among the masters of the field"
"Australia's premier fantasist"
                         —Peter McNamara
"Australia's finest writer of horror"
The Ikin Interview
Terry was recently interviewed by friend and colleague Van Ikin as part of Ikin's interview series for Aurealis. The entire interview is now available online. (08/08/03)

Spot-checking the Emperor
Terry's appearance at the recent Fantastic Fictions Symposium (see news item, including photo) the delivery of a paper entitled "Spot-Checking the Emperor", which you can read in full online. (01/12/02)

Developing the Art for Antique Futures
Award winning artist Nick Stathopoulos has had a long-standing professional relationship with Terry Dowling. In 1999 Nick completed the cover art to Antique Futures, and a feature on the development of the cover is available here. (08/03/00)

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Download an official press photo of Terry suitable for printing in a 1.0 meg .zip file.

"Stitch", an original tale of modern Horror, was first published online here on eidolon.net in December 2002. ( Read it online.)

"Nobody's Fool"
"Nobody's Fool", one of the first tales of Aspen Dirk, Hollis Green and the incredibly strange Nobodoi, is now available online. ( Read it online.)

The Adventures of Tom Rynosseros
Terry Dowling's most famous cycle of stories involve Captain Tom Tyson and the charvolant Rynosseros. You can now read "The Robot is Running Away From The Trees", "Privateer's Moon", "Larrikin Wind", "Roadsong", and "Ship's Eye" from the Rynosseros cycle online.

"The Mars You Have in Me"
"The Mars You Have in Me", from An Intimate Knowledge of the Night, a Bradbury-esque tale of Mars and the man who lived there. ( Read it online.)

Double Showing in Rozelle
Terry will appear as a guest writer at "Magic Casements—a Festival of Speculative Fiction", a day of panels and activities hosted by the NSW Writers' Centre on Saturday September 13, 2003, and follow-up with another of his popular Science Fiction & Fantasy writing workshops at the same venue the following Saturday, September 20. (08/08/03)

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