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Bibliographic Update
Stephen's Bibliography has been updated to reflect a swathe of recent sales and publications.

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No Valentine for Late-Comers
Consensual 2, a small press magazine-style anthology of erotica co-edited by Stephen Dedman, closes for submissions on February 14. (More)

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Dedman on Douglass
Sara Douglass' latest Hades' Daughter, the first in her new Troy Game sequence, receives a slightly mixed reception from Stephen in this January 2003 review.

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Borderlands Announced
The first issue of Borderlands, "a new journal of Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror", will be launched at SwanCon in April, 2003. (More)

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"For Sale If You Want Them"
Stephen's complete list of review credits can now be found online.

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Dedman Reviews Williams
Stephen's review of Sean Williams' The Storm Weaver and the Sand, originally published in an abridged form in The West Australian, has been reprinted in full in our reviews section.

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Update 2002
Since the last major update of his bibliography, Stephen has seen half a dozen short stories published and has sold another three. (More)

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Electronic Art
Stephen's first novel The Art of Arrow Cutting is now available as an e-book (read first chapter; order) from fictionwise (at about half the price of the trade paperback), as are several of his short stories.

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The Latest Labours of Love
Stephen has recently sold stories "The Ice Giants" to Paul Collins' Spinouts Sapphire (Pearson Education) and "The Wind Sall Blow For Ever Mair" to Ramsey Campbell, Jack Dann and Dennis Etchison's horror anthology Bones (HarperCollins/TOR). (More)

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KSP Award 2001
The Katherine Susannah Pritchard Science Fiction and Fantasy Award for 2001 was presented on Sunday August 12 at the writers' centre in Greenmount, WA. (More)

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Dedman Runs KSP Workshop
Stephen will conduct a workshop on "the how and why of fantasy and science fiction" at the Katherine Susannah Pritchard Writers' Centre, 11 Old York Road, Greenmount WA on Thursday, June 28 2001 from 4:30pm. Cost is $5 and bookings can be made on (08) 9294 1872.

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Stephen's novel Shadows Bite is now available in hardcover from Tor, and is due to be reprinted locally by Pan Macmillan.

The Eidolon Stories
Originally printed almost contemporaneously in Strange Plasma magazine, Issue #2's "Spin" remains one of Eidolon’s very few reprint stories, while "The Godfather Paradox" was recommended in Gardner Dozois’ international Year’s Best.

Early 2003 Activity
Stephen will appear as the Monthly Guest at the Peter Cowan Writers' Centre on March 6th. The local launch of Shadows Bite will take place at Swancon 2003. (19/01/03)

Approaching Borderlands
Stephen appeared as a Guest of the New Zealand National SF Convention Con with the With the Wind from 31-May-02 to 03-June-02, and followed-up as a panelist at the Australian Natcon Convergence, where he delivered an academic paper. On Thursday 25-July at the KSP Centre Stephen gave a workshop entitled "Alien Voices" as ArtsWA Special Youth Tutor for the Young Writers' Group, and his next appearance will be as a Guest of Borderlands: That Which Scares Us, September 7–8, 2002. (29/07/02)

Word of Mouth
Stephen will be appearing as part of the 2001 Fremantle Writers' Festival "Word of Mouth" at the Fremantle Arts Centre on Saturday, November 24th. He will be moderating a panel on "Evil Characters", with Kirsty Brooks, Sue Isle, Juliet Marillier and Sean Williams. (27/10/01)

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