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This website has not been updated in several years. Please see the links from Garth's personal website for information about his recent books, such as: If you're looking for Garth's other work, you might try: Garth can be contacted via his email address, garthnix@ozemail.com.au.

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More Nix for HarperCollins UK
Garth has recently sold British rights to young adult SF novel A Confusion of Princes, and reprint rights to The Ragwitch and Shade's Children to HarperCollins UK (via Antony Harwood acting for Anderson/Grinberg).

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Abhorsen's Tops
Abhorsen, the concluding chapter in Garth Nix's Old Kingdom trilogy, will debut at #3 on the New York Times children's bestseller list on 26-January, and will be #2 on the Booksense children's list from 20-January.

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Nix Up For A Virgin Newcomer Nibbie?
Garth Nix's Sabriel has been shortlisted in the 2003 British Book Industry Awards, aka "the Nibbies", in the Newcomer of the Year category (sponsored by Virgin) and shortlisted in the WHSmith People's Choice Awards.

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Sales and Resales
Garth has recently sold the seven-book The Keys to the Kingdom children's fantasy series to both HarperCollins UK and Scholastic in the USA. An Australian sale is pending. The first book, Mister Monday, has been delivered to David Levithan at Scholastic in New York. Meanwhile, Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen have now sold to publishers in Japan, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Spain (including Catalan translation) and Slovakia, and there are other foreign deals in process.

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UK Site for Sabriel
The first book of the Old Kingdom trilogy, Sabriel, has been republished in hardcover by UK-based Collins Publishing, who are promoting the book with a new website. (More)

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Lirael's Accolades Flow In
Since its Ditmar Award win in June, Lirael has picked up several shortlistings and awards to add to its steady stream of critical acclaim. (More)

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Garth the Lobbyist
Garth was recently part of a delegation to the Australian Federal Parliament, representing the Australian Society of Authors in their campaign against amendments to the copyright act that would have changed rules regarding parallel importation of foreign editions.

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Curry reads The Old Kingdom
Actor Tim Curry has read Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen for the Listening Library (Random House) audio book editions (April 2002, May 2002 and January 2003).

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A New Nix
Garth is now the happy father of Thomas Henry Nix, born on the 11th of July. Mother and child are both well.

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Abhorsen, the much-anticipated conclusion to the Old Kingdom trilogy, is now available in Hardcover from UK publisher EOS in January 2003 (with an Australian edition due from Allen & Unwin in March). Until you can find your own copy, you can still read some sample chapters online.

The Garth Nix Bookshop (Go to the shop . . .)
The Garth Nix Bookshop not only provides an easy way to buy Garth's books, it also contains reading recommendations on a wide range of subjects, from fantasy and science fiction to books for writers. (16/03/00)

Essay: How I Write (Read)
This essay by Garth, entitled "How I Write: The Process of Creating a Book", describes how the author goes about the process of creating a new book and features original manuscript pages. (16/03/00)

Down to the Scum Quarter: An Interactive Adventure
This interactive text adventure was originally published in the Australian gaming magazines Multiverse and Breakout! in 1988/89, so the humour and the writing ability are from the author's distant past. Still, as an example of Garth's early work, it's worthwhile going Down To The Scum Quarter! (16/03/00)

The Very Clever Baby Books (Read)
Find out about Garth's series of short books for very clever babies. (16/03/00)

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