WRAITH TIDE (Book 3 of Erebus Equilibrium)

a Novel by Neil Cladingboel

Virtualbookworm.com, September 2001
Paperback (8.58x5.56in)

Defeated in Erebus and angry over the loss of the Anvil amulet and his subsequent banishment, Jonathan's nemesis conspires to release armies of Rorrimwraiths into an unsuspecting world, creating havoc and devastation in every city they invade.

With the ancient amulet safely back in his possession, Jonathan embarks once again on a perilous journey through Erebus, and beyond, where he must summon all of his Heavenly powers to overthrow the Titans of Tartarus who protect and harbour his adversary. Only then can he hope to finally defeat their dark magic and turn back the tide of wraiths before the equilibrium, and perhaps the world, are lost forever!

Wraith Tide cover art

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