a Children's Book by Mark Svendsen

Greater Glider Productions (Maleny, QLD Australia), January 1996
Paperback (64pp, 200x135mm) $11.00
isbn 0-9473-0427-4

This surreal story is told in poetic prose, and illustrated with spooky detail with lots of shadows and tone. It appeals to sensitive young readers, especially girls aged 7-11. This is author (and poet) Mark Svendsen's first novel.

Tilsa and her little sister Hannah live near a lagoon, which is the home of a bunyip. The monster has been creeping out of the swamp at night and stealing their dreams. When its magic begins to halt time at home and school, the girls take the upper hand and beat the bunyip at its own game. Together they tackle three moons: the one in the sky, the one in the murky water in a rusty billy, and the third in brave little Hannah's hands.

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Three Moon Lagoon cover art by Wendy Kneen
Cover by Wendy Kneen

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