a Novel by Philomena Van Rijswijk

Penguin Australia (Ringwood, VIC), April 2001
Paperback (420pp, 198x129mm) $19.95
isbn 0-1402-9230-6 (apn 9780140292305)

"People are wrong about the South Pole being at the bottom of the world," said Holmann Schuyler. "If I drew you a map, it would look like the face of this clock, with the South Pole at the centre…"

The people of Whalers Gate, on the Antipodean island of Esmania, claim that nothing has been the same since the turn of the century. They say that the wing of an Archangel has been seen over town, and young Sister Clemence has been beset by visions. It's been a hard winter, the women have gone sun-crazy, and the watercolour teacher, Lavinia Chomsky, has run off to sea with Captain Schuyler. Borne on a strange odyssey through mythical lands, they discover a world where time and place are distorted, so that what has been marginalised becomes central, what was once on the bottom now sits on top.

The World as a Clockface is a captivating and poetic telling of a magical, wide-ranging story, from an exciting new voice in Australian fiction.

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The World As A Clockface cover art by Phil Campbell
Cover by Phil Campbell

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