THE ULTIMATE WAVE (Book 1 of Storymaze)

a Children's Comic by Terry Denton

Allen & Unwin (St Leonards, NSW), January 2001
Hardcover (48pp, 195x130mm)
isbn 1-8766-3100-7

Mikey, Claudia and Nico become entangled with Prince Icon from the Planet Duryllium, who is surfing the universe and trying to escape his royal duties. When Icon is taken captive by his evil brother, Vidor, the three friends come to the rescue.

From the funniest man in the Southern Hemisphere comes a new blockbuster - the ultimate adventure in space and time! Themes of the story include life, death, friendship, morality, epic adventure, aliens and space. For ages 8 to 12.

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The Ultimate Wave cover art

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