THE TIGER AND THE STONE (Book 1 of The Inheritors)

a Novel by Fletcher Anthony

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), April 2002
Trade Paperback (554pp, 234x153mm) $27.95
isbn 0-7322-6946-6

The Tiger and The Stone opens in prehistoric Asia, imagining a time long past and the people who dwelt then: people whose lives were dominated by the sanctity of the union between earth and spirit, yet who also endured the passions, fears, exhilaration and griefs common to us all. As we are taken into their lives, we see their world changing.

Fern is a shaman to her people. Joined with a male shaman, Deep Wonder, she is the bridge between the People and the One. The traditions she follows have existed for ever, but now for the first time comes a man brave enough, and boastful enough, to dare to challenge them. Grave sacrilege is committed, and its violent consequences force Fern and the People to flee their home. Eventually they must travel across seas, island by island, until they find an expanse of land far greater and stranger than any the People have ever seen...

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The Tiger and the Stone cover art by Nick Stathopoulos
Cover by Nick Stathopoulos

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