a Non-Fiction Book by Damien Broderick

Fictionwise, January 2001 (reprint)

The future is going to be radically different, and very soon now. How different? Let Damien Broderick tell you. Human life and the human condition are changing rapidly as we enter the new century, and is about to change even faster and more radically. Dazzling scientific breakthroughs are changing how long we may live, where we live, how we dress, how we communicate, how we work and what work we do, and even how we think and imagine. Scientist Vernor Vinge proposed that humanity is approaching what he called the Singularity and what Broderick renames the Spike: that moment in human history that is rapidly approaching when heretofore unimaginable changes—the advent of artificial intelligene, of human immortality, of nanotechnology, are just a few of the changes—occur with such rapidity and number that the human race will be transformed—or destroyed. And that moment, many experts predict, is almost upon us. This is the book of wonders and dangers, that brings is all together to stretch our minds.

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