THE MEETING OF THE WATERS (Book 1 of The Watchers)

a Novel by Caiseal Mr

Simon & Schuster (East Roseville, NSW), August 2001 (reprint)
Paperback $17.95
isbn 0-7318-1021-X

The Watchers Series tells the tale of the Tuatha-De-Danaan, the Fir-Bolg, the Fomor and the coming of the Gaedhals to Innisfail. In the first book of the trilogy the Danaans fend off the invaders by resorting to the archaic magical arts of the Draoi. The Quicken Tree provides them with the means to outwit their enemies. The potion brewed from the red berries grants eternal life and health to all who partake of it. But none among the Danaans can foresee the terrible consequences for their people. Nor can they guess that two ancient creatures from beyond the mists of time will step out of legend to spread their vengeful menace among the peace-loving folk of the Burren.

Only one Druid, a Brehon-judge versed in the old tales, realises the Watchers of Balor are abroad. And it is left to him to find a way to deal with them before the Gaedhals gain the upper hand.

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The Meeting of the Waters

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