a YA Artbook by Gary Crew & Marc McBride

Lothian (Port Melbourne, VIC), April 2001
Hardcover (32pp, 280x210mm) $24.95
isbn 0-7344-0182-5 (apn 9780734401823)

By internationally acclaimed children's author Grary Crew and outstanding illustrator Marc McBride, The Kraken tells the story of two children's encounter with a shadowy beast that lives in the depths of the sea.

The Kraken is able to metamorphise into any form to suit the human imagination, especially if the imagination is informed by doubt. Christopher is blind, though the doctors cannot discover a physiological reason. His sister, Antonia, is a cynic who is blind to the imaginative and creative possibilities of her brother. A short novel for young adults. Illustrated by Marc McBride.

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The Kraken cover art by Marc McBride
Cover by Marc McBride

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