THE KING OF SLEEP (Book 2 of The Watchers)

a Novel by Caiseal Mr

Simon & Schuster (East Roseville, NSW), November 2001
Trade Paperback (352pp, 234mm) $26.95
isbn 0-7318-0998-X

A new world order has settled over the island of Innisfail. The Gaedhals have established themselves in the new land, claiming the island as their own and renaming it Eirinn. The Danaans have now withdrawn to the Otherworld, a place of mystery conjured for them through the Draoi-craft of their Druids. The Fir-Bolg are rebuilding their lives in the Ailwee caves.All should be well.

But Eber, King of the Gaedhals of the South, has his mind set on war with his brother remon in the north of the island. So intent on victory, Eber is prepared to shore up a strong alliance with the Fir-Bolg. Impending war shakes the newly laid foundations of peace on the island.

Another threat looms. The Watchers, Isleen and Lochie, are determined to break the enchantment that has bound their spirits to the earth for countless generations. Their plan is to bring strife to the island to force Dalan, the wise Brehon, to release them.

With the increasing havoc wreaked by the Watchers and the threat of escalating war, Dalan enlists the help of Sorcha, a Druid-woman, and Brocan, King of the Fir-Bolg, to capture the Watchers and save his beloved homeland from the devastation of war. History is in the making, and Innisfail and its people will never be the same again.

The Gaedhals have successfully established themselves on the island of Innisfail, which they have renamed Eirinn. The Fir-Bolg are settled, but Eber, king of the Gaedhals of the South, has his mind set on war with his brother, Remon. Eber seeks a firm alliance with the Fir-Bolg to ensure Victory in the impending conflict.

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The King of Sleep cover art by Caiseal Mor
Cover by Caiseal Mor

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