THE ILL-MADE MUTE (Book 1 of The Bitterbynde Trilogy)

a Novel by Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Pan Macmillan (UK), September 2001 (reprint)
Trade Paperback (437pp)
isbn 0-3339-0753-1

The Stormriders land their splendid winged stallions on the airy battlements of Isse Tower. Far below, the superstitious servants who dwell in the fortress's depths tell ghastly tales of evil creatures inhabiting the world outside, a world they have only glimpsed. Yet it is the least of the lowly - a mute, scarred, and utterly despised foundling - who dares to scale the Tower, sneak aboard a Windship, and then dive from the sky.

The fugitive is rescued by a kindhearted adventurer who gives it a name, the gift of communicating by handspeak, and an amazing truth it had never guessed. Now Imrhien begins a journey to distant Caermelor, to seek a wise woman whose skills may change the foundling's life.

Along the way, Imrhien must survive a wilderness of endless danger. And as the challenges grow more deadly, Imrhien discovers something more terrifying than all the evil eldritch wights combined: the shunned outsider with an angel's soul and a gargoyle's face is falling in love...

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The Ill-Made Mute cover art by Paul Gregory
Cover by Paul Gregory

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