a Young Adult Novel by Beverley Paine

Greater Glider Productions (Maleny, QLD Australia), March 2002
Paperback (144pp, 200x135mm) $14.30
isbn 0-9473-0452-5

Action-packed sci-fi thriller mystery! This fast paced and exciting story brings together high technology and the power of the mind. Katya doesn't want to live under the water, even if it means finally being reunited with her marine biologist parents... Coen's hiding from the men who murdered his guardian... Edan has a secret he can't tell anyone, not even his new friend Roger, an undercover agent working for the United Nations Human Gene Convention... When Kiah's family is kidnapped, Kiah discovers about the true nature of their work on Aquadome.

Set in the year 2024 the story centres around the dramatic adventures of a fourteen year old girl who inadvertently becomes caught up in a bitter struggle between two men, both determined to clone humans but for different reasons. Katya is haunted by terrifying recurring nightmares, ominously increasing in frequency as her parents move the family to the underwater research facility, Aquadome. Feeling alienated and insecure in the new environment Katya desperately wants to go home, to the farm she loves. An encounter with a strange boy confuses Katya, awakening memories and feelings from a forgotten past. Aquadome has many secrets and Katya and her new friend suddenly find themselves central players in a frightening and sinister experiment. Katya begins to question everything in her life, including her parents, key players in the unfolding secret life of Aquadome.

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The Chimaera Conspiracy cover art by Perry Mallet
Cover by Perry Mallet

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