THE ANVIL AMULET (Book 2 of Erebus Equilibrium)

a Novel by Neil Cladingboel, June 2001
Paperback (128pp, 8.58x5.56in)
isbn 1-5893-9076-8

Having survived his ordeal in Erebus, Jonathan Malone tries to put the events of the past behind him, and life returns to normal for a while. However, as the years pass by, he soon discovers that all is not well.

His long-time adversary now controls the Watcher's dark forces and plots to steal the Anvil amulet, the ancient talisman of mysterious magic. Jonathan, unsure of his newfound powers, must once again journey through the mirror-portals of Erebus, chasing his nemesis across the many dimensions of time to recover the amulet and restore the tenuous equilibrium of the Heavens.

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The Anvil Amulet cover art

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