a Novel by Paul Brandon

TOR (US), October 2001
Hardcover (384pp) $55.00
isbn 0-3128-7794-3

The romantic story of a man destined to fall in love with a beautiful woman who is much more dangerous than she seems.

There is only Love, Magic and Music... and an enigmatic creature dancing on the beach under the light of a full moon.

After the loss of his wife, Scottish fiddle player Richard Brennan moves to Australia to escape the memories of his former life. Six years later, he's forced to return to his homeland for his father's funeral. He remains in his father's desolate cottage in the remote far north of Scotland to gather together the threads of his former life. He scratches out a living playing music. The land welcomes him like a prodigal returned. And he meets Ailish, the enigmatic young woman whose ethereal singing haunts the bay by moonlight. And, one by one, the hidden secrets of the past are unlocked. Together Richard and Ailish will have to confront a history that is both terrifying and fantastic, and may well cost Richard his soul.

Swim the Moon is the debut novel from an important new writer!

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Swim the Moon cover art

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