a Collection by Paul Collins

Wildside Press (US), April 2001
Trade Paperback (160pp)
isbn 1-5871-5333-5

"The Getaway Star"
"The Government in Exile"
"Cool Running"
"The Nightmare Man"
"At the Focus"
"Sleight of Hand"
"The Gifted"
"Tangerine Dreams"
"The Willcroft Inheritance"
"Wired Dreaming"
"The Nabakov Affair"
"The Lady and the Demon"

This collection includes original and reprint fiction.

"Edgy, strange, disconcerting, alarming, as speculative fiction is supposed to be. Collins writes the definitive well-crafted, dangerous story." — Kerry Greenwood, The Age

"These stories may begin softly-softly but they carry a sting in the tail." — George Turner

"Collins has a penchant for the hard-boiled hero, a lineage derived from Hammett and Chandler." — Colin Steele, The Canberra Times

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