a Novel by Gail Merritt

Lothian (Port Melbourne, VIC), March 2001
Paperback (160pp, 195x125mm) $14.95
isbn 0-7344-0177-9 (apn 9780734401779)

Megwin has powers – she can talk to animals and make plants grow or die. She attends the College of the Mantles and with guidance from Silver Mantle, the king’s adviser and the most powerful of the Mantles, she becomes the Green Mantle and the land flourishes. She falls in love with Ardin, the king’s son, but Silver Mantle ends their romance by turning a statue into a princess with whom Ardin falls in love and marries. Heartbroken, Megwin leaves the court. Time passes and Ardin becomes king, but the land sickens. Megwin’s friends beg her to destroy the evil, but she has her own surprise for Ardin and the price for her help is very high. Will Ardin still love her? And will Silver Mantle’s magic help, or will it ruin everything? A novel for young adults.

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Silver Mantle cover art by Michelle Mackintosh
Cover by Michelle Mackintosh

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