a Novel by Felicity Pullman

Random House Australia (Milsons Point, NSW), April 2001

Who was the Lady of Shalott? Could she have been an Australian teenager, come from the future in a quest to capture the love of Lancelot and so save Camelot from destruction? By trying to replay the legend of the Lady of Shalott, is Callie in fact creating it? Five teenagers are sent back to the time of King Arthur when Callie decides to use her fatherís V.R. history program to save Camelot by rewriting the legend. Not all of them know one another, but danger unites them as they work through their differences in a desperate bid to find their way home. Each of the teenagers has come to a turning point, and each faces a personal challenge in Camelot that will change him or her forever. A novel for young adults.

Shalott cover art by Wayne Harris
Cover by Wayne Harris

Eidolon Publications 1995-2005

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