PHREDDE AND THE TEMPLE OF GLOOM: A Story to Eat with a Mandarin

a Young Adult Novel by Jackie French

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), September 2001
Paperback (144pp) $12.95
isbn 0-2071-9781-4

Prudence is invited by her father's distant werewolf cousins to their gloomy castle to hunt for some missing 'treasure'. Phredde and Bruce accompany Prudence, who is well aware that if she fails then her father will have to take her place. The zombie librarian also makes a reappearance as does the castle banshee, and Cousin Flea decides that he wants to be a lighting and sound effect technician and turns what was once a nicely decorated castle into a setting for a television series.

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Phredde and the Temple of Gloom cover art

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