a Young Adult Novel by Ranulfo Concon

University of Queensland Press (QLD), May 2001
Paperback (144pp, 190x127mm) $16.95
isbn 0-7022-3215-7

Napolean was born to conquer the world—or something. But the world can be a disappointing place. Busting his way out of school he takes to the streets of the Cross, hooking up with Sammie, an astro-chick with attitude & a sweet tooth.

Napolean soon falls into the orbit of the doll-faced, charismatic gang leader, Blondie, & the battle begins. What's to be done when the kids are planning Armageddon & Luna Park just keeps laughing?

Nirvana's Children is a cult book—darkly funny, fabulously dystopic & compulsively readable.

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Nirvana's Children cover art

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