LOVE AND OTHER MAGIC (Book 2 of Guinevere Jones)

a Young Adult Novel by Felicity Pullman

Random House Australia (Milsons Point, NSW), October 2002
Paperback $14.95
isbn 1-7405-1852-7

Life's tough for Gwen with a new school, a mother possessed by a demon, and a bossy wizard who calls her Guinevere and teaches her magic. Add a faerie bodyguard who's a real pest, a style queen from hell, and a teacher who invokes the dark forces of an ancient evil, and Gwen has to call on all her magic powers to protect herself. Gwen's boyfriend Josh, and his sister Tasha are Gwen's allie, but no-one can protect Gwen from the danger of her own heart when the dark and mysterious Michael comes into her life.

Love and Other Magic cover art

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