a Young Adult Novel by Kierin Meehan

Puffin (UK), August 2001
Paperback (228pp, 129x198mm) $14.95
isbn 0-1410-0044-9

When her mother takes her to Japan, Hannah would much rather be back in Australia starting secondary school with her friends.

But her stay turns out to be nothing like she'd imagined, and when Hannah and Miki find an ancient message in the stationery shop, they are drawn into solving a mysterious riddle.

Why do the beans go berserk at the bean-throwing festival? Who is the evil-eyed woman at Sarumaru Shrine? Why is Hannah attacked by flying donuts on the stairs? Is the ocean boy trying to tell her something?

Full of intriguing, vivid characters, here is a highly original, evocative debut novel that blends fact with fantasy in a style that is both funny and touching.

Hannah's Winter cover art

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