a Young Adult Novel by Gary Crew

Lothian (Port Melbourne, VIC), April 2001
Paperback (224pp, 195x125mm) $14.95
isbn 0-7344-0232-5 (apn 9780734402325)

Combining the genres of adventure, fantasy and social realism in one ripping read! Gary Crew's latest work follows the fortunes of modern day teenager Johnny Doolan as told to his psychiatrist. Johnny's favourite books are gothic novels and Grimms' Fairy Tales. Now, however, the boy finds that the scenes, illustrations and characters from these books intrude upon his everyday life to such an extent that he is transported to 'Gothic Hospital - an Infirmary for Orphans'. The question is, can Johnny rid himself of these living nightmares by telling all to his shrink or will he fall victim to his nightmares?

In 1876, a renowned English paediatrician, Doctor Peter Doolan, disappears while working in Australia. His wife Lucy and son Jonathan immediately set out to find him. Jonathan and his mother head for Australia and Gothic Hospital, the infirmary for children established by Doctor Eugene Gorman. But there, all knowledge of Doctor Doolan is denied. It seems that their search is in vain. However, in the guise of a poor orphan called “Johnny”, Jonathan sneaks back inside the Gothic Hospital – a nightmare world completely cut off from the rest of society. A novel for young adults.

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Gothic Hospital cover art by Michelle Mackintosh
Cover by Michelle Mackintosh

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