FOREST OF DREAMS (The Laylines Trilogy)

an Omnibus Edition by Sophie Masson

Bantam Books (Sydney, NSW), August 2001
Paperback $19.95
isbn 1-8632-5287-8

The life of the beautiful Marie de France is changed irrevocably by an encounter with an otherworldly knight, Tydorel, in a haunted forest full of secrets. On the death of her husband, a Breton lord, Marie ventures forth into the medieval courts of France, Brittany, England and Wales, where she is feted by Eleanor of Aquitaine, and takes Richard the Lionheart as her lover. But the courts of English royalty and the mysterious magical Otherworlds are strange and dangerous places for a young poet, and Marie's journey is destined to be an adventure she will never forgetů

Based on the life of Marie de France, poet, adventuress and lover of Richard the Lionheart, this omnibus edition of The Lay Lines Trilogy encompasses two much-loved works by Sophie Masson, The Knight by the Pool and The Lady of the Flowers, and brings Marie's tale to its dramatic conclusion with the third book in the series, The Stone of Oakenfast.

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Forest of Dreams cover art by Lazy Moon
Cover by Lazy Moon

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