FIRST HUNTER (Book 1 of Spirit Shinto Trilogy)

a Novel by Dale Elvy

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), November 2001
Paperback (346pp, 181x111mm) $17.95
isbn 1-8695-0389-5

In a world where the forces of nature—earth, air, water and fire—can manifest as powerful and destructive Shintos, mortal men are at the mercy of Mages who control and summon these superhuman forces. Some use their powers for good, while others are driven by evil ambition . . .

Such is the world of Tane, First Hunter of the primitive Gerhan tribe. When his family is slaughtered and his people's peaceful forest existence threatened by powerful invading forces, he encounters the warring cultures of the Great Houses and their sinister Shinto Mages. With his world shattering around him, Tane is forced into an unlikely alliance as events spiral out of his control.

Almost destroyed in his first encounter with a Shinto Mage, his life is saved by the fiery and mysterious Sajha, herself fleeing a life of privileged slavery. The ill-matched pair join forces with Masio, a criminal mastermind, to stand together against the devastating power of House Jintao, led by the ruthless Lord Kuso. Against crippling odds, Tane must defend his people from Kuso's devastating dog soldiers, and confront his deadly quest for domination and empire.

Read an extract from First Hunter.

First Hunter cover art by Helen Casey
Cover by Helen Casey

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