FERREN AND THE WHITE DOCTOR (Book 2 of Heaven and Earth)

a Novel by Richard Harland

Penguin Australia (Ringwood, VIC), March 2003 (reprint)
Paperback (372pp, 198x129mm) $22.95
isbn 0-1410-0511-4

Rebellious Ferren and the stranded angel Miriael travel from one exotic tribe to the next as they seek to unite the Residual people against the evil Humen. They are joined by Kiet, a spirited young woman who is equally determined to change to world order. Together they make an unstoppable trinity.

But on a journey filled with unexpected personal discoveries and agonising treachery, it will take all their courage and cunning to stand against the new leader of the Humen. The giant Doctor Saniette plans to launch his fearsome arming of Queen-Hypers in a total assault on Heaven. But no one is prepared for a new force that is waiting to erupt in their midst...

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Ferren and the White Doctor cover art

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