EYES OF THE CALCULOR (Book 3 of Greatwinter)

a Novel by Sean McMullen

TOR (US), September 2001
Hardcover (592pp, 9.50x6.56in) $60.00
isbn 0-3128-7736-6

The third and final book in the Greatwinter series brings together various plot threads from the previous two volumes and weaves them into a fascinating, complex, utterly seamless story of war, redemption, and desire in the fortieth century.

Two thousand years into the future, a vastly changed Earth is threatened by catastrophe and the destruction of all civilization, and the Dragon Librarians of Australica race against time to kidnap every numerate individual on the continent in order to rebuild the Calculor, an outdated, human-powered computer.

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Eyes of the Calculor cover art

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