EXILE'S RETURN (Book 1 of Elita)

a Novel by Kate Jacoby

Millennium Books, June 1999 (reprint)
Paperback (442pp) $17.95
isbn 1-8579-8878-7

Robert Douglas, Earl of Dunlorn, returns to Lusara after three years of self imposed exile to find that the Guild has spread its Halls throught the land, bringing fear and tyranny to the people. The usurper King Selar seems oblivious or uncaring, too busy planning to verthrow his brother, king of neighbouring Mayeene. Robert has sworn a vow never to oppose the king, but his brother Finnlay won't let him return quietly to his lands and abrogate responsibility, for Rovert, like his younger brother, bears a heavy duty: they are sorcerers, and as such outlawed in Lusara. Magic is believed by most to have vanished from the land, but there are a few who still wield the power in secret. And when Robert and his brother rescue Jenn, running in fear of her life from Guildsmen, they discover a new kind of sorcerer, whose powers, though different, may be as great as Robert's. And with Jenn, come new possibilties . . .

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Exile's Return cover art

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