BLOODLACE (Book 1 of Gina Champion)

a Young Adult Novel by Kim Wilkins

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), May 2001
Paperback $13.95
isbn 0-2071-9802-0

Gina Champion is not an ordinary fifteen-year-old: she is a skilled practitioner of psychometry, meaning she has the ability to read the psychic vibrations left on objects. Gina lives in Blackwater Bay, a small seaside town about an hour from Sydney, and loves to hang out in the cemetery contemplating the meaning of life. Together with her best friend Vanessa, and their budding rockstar pals Amy and Nicky (from the band Ultra-Velvet), Gina finds herself using her psychic ability to explore some of the strange secrets that Blackwater Bay harbours.

Gina gets unwillingly roped into a local play at a haunted theatre. She and Vanessa are caught up in a mystery dating back into the theatre's dark past. When blood, and then a pair of severed hands, and finally the ghost of a mutilated young woman, are seen at the Panorama Theatre, Gina starts putting her psychic powers and her love of history to use in trying to unravel the mystery. And while everyone else thinks that local zealot, Reverend Moss, is orchestrating the ghostly appearances to get the play closed down for its anti-religious sentiments, Gina knows better. There's a secret in the shadows at the Panorma, and if only she can get hold of the right clue, she can find out who the tragic ghost is, and why Reverend Moss is so desperate to stop her.

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