BETRAYAL (Book 1 of Trinity)

a Novel by Fiona McIntosh

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), September 2001
Paperback (586pp, 111x181mm) $17.95
isbn 0-7322-7023-5

Deep in the folklore of Tallinore lies a dark story of betrayal and destruction, the story of a powerful sentient called Orlac who once razed the famed city of Caremboche, almost destroying the entire Land. Now, all sentients are feared and, once discovered, subjected to the barbaric practice of bridling and branding. But in a village, far from the royal city, a young man, Tor Gynt, blazes with great power and healing abilities.

Tor leaves his home - and his love, Alyssa to become apprentice to the royal physic, Merkhud, and with that act starts unknowingly upon his destined path. For Merkhud believes that Tor is the One, the power that will call the ten Paladin back into being, and bring forth the Trinity that will be the salvation of all Tallinore.

The trouble is, Tor has no idea of his own destiny. His only guide is his constant companion Cloot - a man who has been shapeshifted into a falcon in the magical Heartwood forest and Lys, the mysterious woman who appears to him in his dreams. Aware of the magnitude of his powers but unsure to what end he is to use them, Tor embarks on a journey that will test his courage and his heart, and demand a choice between survival and betrayal.

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