a Children's Book by Gary Crew & Craig Smith

Lothian (Port Melbourne, VIC), September 2001
Hardcover (32pp, 280x210mm) $24.95
isbn 0-7344-0194-4 (apn 9780734401946)

Arno lives in the middle of his family's junkyard and at school he's known as Rat Head, Stinky Bum,or just plain Arno the Garbo. His school reports always say, 'Arno does not interact well with other children'. His consolation is his hobby - making brilliant inventions out of junk. One day he decides to make a remote-controlled mechanical boy who looks just like himself but is the perfect schoolboy - brilliant at schoolwork, a hero at sport, witty and suave with the girls - and he doesn't smell of junk at all! Another off-the-wall picture book from Gary Crew with the inimitable, wacky illustration style of Craig Smith.

Arno the Garbo cover art by Craig Smith
Cover by Craig Smith

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