a Novel by Andrew Whitmore

Xlibris (US), August 2001
Trade Paperback (164pp)
isbn 0-7388-5630-4

Not everyone is suited to life in paradise. Pagad Trevayne, for one, canít imagine any place heíd less rather be.

According to the local priest, of course, the bizarre goings-on Pagad encounters in this remote Burgundian village are actually part of a satanic plot to under- mine godís authority on earth and condemn mankind to perpetual damnation.

Despite his natural reluctance to take such nonsense seriously, Pagad soon he finds himself embroiled in a desperate battle between good and evilónot that there seems much difference between the two as far as heís concerned.

Even this, however, is a picnic compared to what awaits him in Austemgrunde. Forced to fight for his life in the Arena for the benefit of its deranged masters, he soon discovers that life isnít just unfairó at times it can be positively lethal.

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