2007: A NOVEL

2007: A NOVEL

a Novel by Robyn Williams

Hodder Headline (Sydney, NSW), August 2001
Trade Paperback $29.95
isbn 0-7336-1424-8

By April 2007, a myriad of natural disasters are destroying the earth. Flocks of pelicans are closing airports, a pod of whales sinks a submarine and herds of cows stop traffic on freeways. Two scientists, Julian and Cyril, are summoned to Washington for crisis talks. Julian's daughter and their dog also come along and together, they try to bring order out of the chaos and save the world. Fans of Robyn Williams' Science Show on ABC Radio will adore this novel, as will fans of Stephen Hawking, Oliver Sachs and David Suzuki.

2007. The weather is wreaking turmoil on the planet. Hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, floods, fires, droughts and diseases are sweeping the world with increasing frequency and severity. Poor countries are worst hit, but even the rich ones are no longer immune from major disruption. In April 2007, the animals are forced to take matters into their own hands: whales sink a submarine; massive flocks of pelicans close airports; huge herds of cattle bring freeways to a halt, burying cars under mountains of steaming dung. Desperate to find a solution to the global chaos, the President of the United States calls on the world's top scientists to explain what is happening and how to stop it. One man, his daughter and her dog hold the key. But before things can get better, they have to get a great deal worse.

Respected science journalist and broadcaster Robyn Williams has for the first time turned his amazing intellect to fiction. With a simple, accessible style and a gift for plot, Williams has written an apocalyptic novel in the tradition of George Orwell, with a great deal of humour and wit. It previews a world terrifyingly close to the one we're in right now.

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2007: A Novel cover art by Ellie Exarchos
Cover by Ellie Exarchos

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