TREASON KEEP (Book 2 of The Demon Child Trilogy)

a Novel by Jennifer Fallon

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), February 2001
Paperback $17.50
isbn 0-7322-6621-1

R’shiel, nearly dead, is taken to Sanctuary. The Harshini are adamant that she must survive. For Brak, the price is hard to live with, but R’shiel’s life is more important than even he can comprehend. The serenity of Sanctuary is infinitely desirable and R’shiel is tempted to stay forever. Tarja Tenragan is helpless as other nations arm for war. An alliance with the Hythrun could be Medalon’s only chance. Should he trust Damin Wolfblade, Warlord and heir to the throne of Hythria? Fardonyha will ally with whoever seems to offer the most reward for King Hablet, but he doesn’t reckon with his wayward and rebellious daughter. Princess Adrina’s plans for herself do not include obedience – to her father or her husband. Book Two in the Demon Child Trilogy.

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Treason Keep cover art

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