an Anthology edited by Geoff Maloney

CSFG Publshing (Canberra, ACT), April 2001
Paperback $16.95

"The Trojan Rocks" by Michael Barry (SF)
"Quacaha" by Allan Price (SF)
"Flap" by Antony Searle (SF)
"Playing Possum" by Maxine McArthur (SF)
"Perfect Parasite" by Carole Nomarhas (SF)
"Happy Birthday to Me" by Alison Venugoban (SF)
"Sasquatch Winter" by Les Petersen (SF)
"Cacachatol" by Peter Barrett (F)
"Wyvern's Blood" by Chris Andrews (F)
"Fringe Dwellers" by Robbie Matthews (F)
"Claw" by Paul Ryan (H)
"Tales From The True Desert" by Matthew Farrer (H)
"Stark Raving Mad" by Geoff Skellams (H)
"Camp Yowie" by Krystle & Mark Snitch (YA)

The Creatures that dwell on the edge of the world; We know them by many names:
Artificial Intelligences, Wyverns, Werewolves, Yowies, Elves, Dogs, Alien Possums and ... Others.

Captured in these pages are stories of fantastic creatures from the minds of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild. These stories represent gems from award winning, established and emerging writers.

Nor of Human... is a rich blend of humour, horror, hard SF, Fantasy, space-ships, elves, and everything between. Including Marmosets.

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Nor of Human cover art by Les Petersen
Cover by Les Petersen

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