an Anthology edited by Cathy Cupitt, Stephen Dedman & Elaine Kemp

Kemp, Dedman & Cupitt (Perth, WA), April 2001
Paperback (71pp) $7.00
isbn 0-6463-9642-0

"Ride a Fine Horse"
"Me Myself Indeed"
"What Morden Wants"
"Realm of the Senses"
"Desires of the Hunted"
"Guilty Pleasure"
"Sand, Time and the Stars"
"First Time"
"Size Matters"

This saddle-stitched anthology of erotica includes a range of work from pure erotica to slash and science fiction. Stories are not credited, but the following authors are listed on the back cover:
  • Cathy Cupitt
  • Claire McKenna
  • Edwina Harvey
  • Elaine Kemp
  • Laurton McGurk
  • Lewis Morley
  • Robert Hood
  • Scot Snow
  • Stephen Dedman
  • Sue Isle
  • torch
The book features cover art by Cat Sparks and internal art by Jade Todd.

Consensual cover art by Cat Sparks
Cover by Cat Sparks

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