Write (C)on Announced

A "Writers' Convention" entitled Write (C)on will be held over the weekend of 1820 January 2002 at the Barker Barker Lodge Motel, Barker St, Kensington NSW.

According to the Press Release, Write (C)on evolved from "discussion held at the end of Nelcon in November, 2000" and will be "a laid-back, relaxed weekend with two main aims:
  1. To produce an anthology with a view to entering this anthology into the Victorian Fellowship of Australian Writers awards held later in 2002,
  2. To discuss various aspects of the writing industry including in dependant publishing, booksellers and distribution, writing courses, markets etc within Australia.
"The venue is a short bus ride from Sydney city, Central Station and the airport. Adjacent to the University of NSW, it offers single or double/twin rooms from $120 single, or $125 double. There is also cheap, single (share facilities) accommodation available at New College at the University of NSW ($49.50 pn). The college is approximately a 2 block walk from Barker Lodge. Also within 4 blocks of the venue are cheap eats such as McDonalds, coffee shops, and asian restaurants. Two extensive 2nd hand bookshops are also a short drive/bus ride away at Randwick.

"Membership to Write (C)on is $20. For this you will receive a con pack and a copy of the anthology when it is edited after the convention. Guest speakers are currently being approached. If you would like to be invited to speak at this event, please contact Edwina Harvey."

(Tuesday, May 29 @ 01:40:14 WST)

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